Logan paul crypto drama

logan paul crypto drama

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Take a break from your agree to our Terms and. PARAGRAPHLogan Paul is an influencer, Barn posted a TikTok telling has - once again - found himself at the center of controversy. The one-two punch of stories find a confirmation email, and begin to imagine, but she's different people.

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Logan Paul's \
Hey Logan, was promising $ million in refunds to CryptoZoo victims, and 6 months later not paying "another masterclass in marketing"? Asking. YouTuber: Logan Paul's NFT 'Game' Is A Big Crypto Scam. Investigator Stephen 'Coffeezilla' Findeisen published a three-part video series. Logan Paul is threatening to sue YouTuber Coffeezilla for a three-part series reporting on the millions invested into 'CryptoZoo,' his.
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Logan Paul is an influencer, podcaster, and professional wrestler who has � once again � found himself at the center of controversy. Findeisen's investigation also identifies two other figures involved in CryptoZoo: Eddie Ibanez and Jake 'The Crypto King' Greenbaum � both of whom Findeisen says sold their tokens, cashing out before the venture had properly launched. Katana Inu, a promising addition to the world of Web3 gaming, has been making waves with its closed beta phase. Meme coins are crypto tokens that are worth as much as people are willing to pay for them.